Hog Roast Machines

Whatever you’re looking for from a spit roast machine, you can bet that our Platinum hog roasting range has got it! Our Platinum machines are some of the most sophisticated and respected in the industry, which when teamed with one of our upper level cooking sets, has everything you need to produce delicious roasted and even barbequed meats. Choose from our spit roast machine kit, hog roast kit, BBQ set and chicken spit kit. Our Platinum machines feature dual cooking levels, dual gastronomies, thermostatically controlled gas taps, heavy duty castor wheels and a simple steering system. Versatile and mobile, they’re an unbeatable investment for any catering company.

Perfect For Large Scale Events

Our machines are ideal for large scale events, it can feed hundreds of people providing you get a big enough hog! It’s not just roast pork that you can create using our equipment. Why not try your hand at slow roasting lamb or beef in our hog roasting tray or spit roast up to 36 chickens in one go!

Alongside excellent cooking functions, the Platinum machine is a bit of a looker too. With an easy-to-clean stainless steel exterior, you’ll look professional wherever you set up. Don’t forget the toughened glass viewing window that allows you to monitor the meat cooking away, and lets your guests take a peek at their lunch too.